Const. Kapila wanted to be a journalist – colleague

By Staff Reporter

The late Constable Lennox Kapila junior always dreamed of becoming a journalist but ended up as a police officer because he had to take care of his siblings after the demise of his father Lennox Kapila who was a police officer himself.

A senior constable who worked with the late police officer but declined to be named because of protocol said Kapila’s father asked him to help enrol his son into the police service before he died.

Kapila who was a 26-year-old constable showed a lot of life and promise and was seen in high spirits during the festive season until that fateful day of 4th January 2019 when he was gunned down by his workmate Constable Edwin Kabasiya in cold blood.

“We were here together on duty on Christmas eve and he was busy telling me that the night was going to be a busy one for us because of the festive activities,” he said.

The colleague further outlined that “what really hurts is the fact that he has left a small family. The wife is very young, just about 22 years old and two little children, one who is five years and the other who is only months old”.

A tearful officer went on to say it was unfortunate that the young police officer was shot by a trigger-happy colleague for a reason that could have been resolved amicably.

“We have heard that Constable Edwin Kabasiya had a short fuse and would sometimes brandish his weapon in public over a dispute. There was a time he removed a pistol at Jesmondine Bakery pub and threatened to shoot a patron over a football dispute,” he narrated.

Burial for the late officer is scheduled for tomorrow while a manhunt for Constable Kabasiya is still ongoing.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo yesterday announced that police investigations in the Munali police shootout that led to the death of the officer was as a result of differences in the approach to a debt recovery approach by the assailant.

Constable Kabasiya did not agree with Constable Kapila on his advice that the former’s wife sought litigation against the television repairer who owed them money for a television set.

Katongo said Kapila had asked the wife of constable Kabasiya to take a television repairer who owed them money to court, but this did not sit well with Kabasiya as he wanted the TV repairer to be taught a lesson.

Katongo said brief facts concerning Kapila’s shooting according to eye witnesses were that the suspect Kabasiya and wife had a television set which needed to be repaired and later be sold.

She said the television set was taken to a named technician (tv repairer) within Kaunda Square and after some days, the technician paid a deposit of K500 remaining with a balance.

Katongo who confirmed the development to the media said the body of the deceased was in the University Teaching Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

She said the docket had been opened while investigations continued in the matter.