PF full of greedy Hollywood Stars – Changala

By Staff Reporter

CIVIL rights activist Brebner Changala says President Edgar Lungu’s PF is full of “Hollywood stars” whose political priority is making money and dancing to Dununa Reverse.

And Changala has observed that the pro-poor PF vision of president Michael Sata died the day he died in October 2014.

In a press statement, Changala stated that service to humanity was the last aspiration for President Lungu and his lieutenants in the PF.

“President Lungu’s PF is of Hollywood stars! Making money and dancing dununa reverse is their number one political agenda [and] service to humanity is last.” Changala stated.

“The State media gives them praise for living extravagant lives at the expense of the suffering masses. They have too much money at the top party and government leadership such that the poor have started to worship them. The source of their wealth is not yet known but it will soon be known. It’s a matter of time!”

He stated that the PF government, under President Lungu, had impoverished millions of Zambians through high taxes, unemployment and dictatorship.

Changala believes the PF government had empowered the Chinese in all sectors.

“Our beloved Zambia is now a colony of China! Yes, PF of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a curse now. No one talks now in Zambia; Chinese money talks for us through PF,” he stated.

“What can we do? Police officers are sleeping in Chinese houses and dreaming about China. ZAF officers are sleeping in Chinese houses and dreaming about China. The Army officers are sleeping in Chinese houses and dreaming about China. Our entire Cabinet sleeps in China half of the year. God please help us!”

Changala recalled that the PF of Sata campaigned for lower taxes, more money in people’s pockets and the fight against corruption that had become rampant in MMD under former president Rupiah Banda.

“President Sata promised to transform Zambia through infrastructure development [by erecting] new schools, hospitals, roads and provincial universities,” he stated.

And Changala has, with hindsight, indicated that he strongly believed that PF, as a political party, should not have continued in power after the death of its founder, Sata.

“There are many reasons one can fairly advance on the PF unfitness to hold on to State power. The pro-poor PF vision of president Sata died the day he died!” Changala stated. “Right or wrong on my part, PF as a governing party and its leadership is but a curse to Zambia and our collective aspirations in pursuit of human rights, rule of law, equal and fair opportunities in education, health, employment and business.”

He lamented that health institutions in the country had fallen apart under President Lungu’s PF government.

“Clinics and hospitals have no drugs and clinical equipment for our gallant and well-spirited medical staff…. The new PF of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a direct opposite of president Sata’s PF,” Changala stated.

Changala further wondered whether, under President Lungu, Zambia’s constitutional democracy had been overthrown by a police State.


He stated that freedom of expression and association were the lifeblood of any democracy.

“These rights should not only be contained in the Constitution or indeed any statute; they must be enjoyed to be meaningful. If you cannot associate or freely express yourselves as citizens, you then have no barge of dignity as you live in a fear society,” Changala stated.

He then spelt out some of his personal demands.

“1. Appointment to the High Court and Supreme Court bench must be truly transparent and on merit. We need 90 days of LAZ and public scrutiny 2. The Judiciary should be adequately and independently funded,” stated Changala, among his many demands.