Chipenzi demands release of SCT fund fraud report

By Staff Reporter


Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Services executive director McDonald Chipenzi has demanded the release of the Social Cash Transfer Fund report.

Chipenzi observed that it was now over three months since President Lungu fired Community Development Minister Emmerine Kabanshi and suspended Zampost Master General, MacPerson Chanda over Social Cash Fund irregularities without any report produced.

Chipenzi said Secretary to Cabinet was given a week to report the findings but to-date, the nation has not been updated on really what transpired even on how some funds were found stashed in a Zanaco Account in Lusaka.

He asked why the inquiry into the abuse of the funds had taken long and whether investigating wings such as Police, the Drug Enforcement Commission and Anti Corruption Commission were incompetent.

“Does the government think, with the passage of time people will forget about this scandal of the year? We need the report to be released because people’s names were damaged over this saga and it is just better President Lungu briefs the nation on the progress of these investigations,” he said.

Chipenzi has warned that if governments continued with this kind of approach to fighting abuses, then Zambians should forget about realising its dream of “not leaving no one behind”.