Gambling machines destroying children morals- Mulozi

By Staff Reporter
WESTERN Province chambers of commerce and industry regional coordinator, Fred Mulozi says gambling machines commonly known as bonanza on the streets and markets is a serious matter that needs attention.

In an interview with, Mulozi lamented that the country is socially going down as children were engaging in gambling as machines were easily accessible to them.

“Gambling machines are placed on the streets and markets, they create a center of attention on school going children, corrupt their mind and has the capacity to ruin families,” he said.

He stated that gambling wont drive the Zambian economy.

“A nation that gets to allow gambling ends into a disastrous situation,” Mulozi said.

Mulozi has however called on government to ensure that investors who come in the country bring in resources that government can tap into in order to add value to the welfare of citizens as opposed to gambling machines.

Gambling legislation in Zambia currently consists of three main acts.

The State Lotteries Act was enacted to control and allow lottery games and pools. The Casino Act, which is the most significant piece of gambling legislation in Zambia, regulates the procedures for licensing casino operators within the nation’s borders and even grants temporary casino licenses in special circumstances. And the Betting Act established a Betting Board that regulates betting operators.