Dissolve ZCID board, demands Banda

By Staff Reporter


The People’s Alliance for Change president Andyford Banda has called for the dissolution of the Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue board and be replaced with serious individuals.

Banda expressed concern that the current ZCID board had been constantly changing positions on dialogue leading to delays in completing the process.

“The dialogue process has been dragging because of the ZCID itself, these people have been changing positions on this matter without shame. Unfortunately we need to move forward and this board can’t be part of it,” he said.

Banda has since urged political parties that are members of the ZCID to unite and together call for the dissolution of the ZCID board in the interest of the nation.

He urged Zambians to support the church led dialogue as they had proved their competence to handle the process at the recently held successful meeting of political parties leaders at Kapingila House.

“Moreover, this is not the first time the church will be handling such a process, they have brought the nation together before, they can be trusted with this process,” Banda added.