2019 will be a year of revolutionary resistance – Dr Musumali

By Staff Reporter

Socialist Party General Secretary Cosmas Musumali says 2019 will be a year of revolutionary resistance for the Zambians as the suffering is likely to increase, while the government will be more repressive.

Delivering his new year message in an interview with NewsdayZambia.com on Thursday, Dr Musumali said “2019 will be a year of struggle but we also think that with our combined efforts it will yield the positive result”.

He said what was being witnessed in Zambia was a proliferation of capitalist opposition political parties that do not have a different agenda from that of government but are merely positioning themselves to come into power in 2021 at the expense of the PF weaknesses, pointing out that the challenges of 2019 will be a huge reflection of this dilemma.

“We expect to see some attempts towards national dialogue as the situation becomes critical. We expect certain parties such as the church coming in and trying to bring in some sanity. We will support those efforts even though we are sceptical that the current government has the political will and capacity to change the situation,” he explained, accusing the PF of being an elitist party that would retain power through the use of violence – a culture they could not easily stop.

However, Musumali, pointed out that the people should not be hoodwinked as the system will try to reassert itself because there will be some form of internal opposition within the ruling party but warned, “this should not be mistaken for increased democracy in Zambia but rather a failed insecure measure of the elite to provide for the Zambians”.

Asked about the position of his party in the year Musumali who is an economist said, “for the Socialist Party we feel the main fight is against the failures of capitalism because it is a system that has not delivered for many years and will not deliver in 2019. Joblessness is going to increase. Inflationary pressures are going to increase. Any wealth that is created in Zambia is going to be consumed or accrued mostly to the already rich people. This will be enhanced under the capitalists system”.

He stressed that as a party the SP will stand firm behind the working masses and do its part to agitate and stand firm against exploitative tendencies of the current government.

The socialist Party leader said 2019 is bound to be a difficult year based on the struggles of the previous year which saw Zambians losing jobs, others surviving on meagre salaries, students struggling with school fees and the farmers struggling with inputs among other problems.

“I would add that things are going to be worse off compared to 2018. We expect an economy that is literally stagnating and expecting inflationary pressures to come in a much bigger way. It will be very difficult to deal with inflation when it comes to food or accessing social amenities and utilities. The paying of school fees, access to medical facilities, transport are going to be very difficult,” he warned.

He said by the end of the year that movement towards peace, equity and justice would gain strength and give Zambians the confidence that they could be masters of their destiny in determining a better society.