B-Flow resigns as ZAM publicity secretary

By Staff Reporter


Brian Bwembya aka B-flow has resigned as Publicity Secretary of the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) for unknown reasons.

In statement yesterday, Bwembya notified all ZAM members and stakeholders of the Zambian music industry that effective December 27, 2018, he would no longer serve in his position.

“For now, I am unable to publish my resignation letter or share the reasons behind my resignation until the national executive committee gives me a go-ahead,” Bwembya stated.

Bwembya however, thanked the executive for the support rendered to him during the seven months he served.

“I would like to thank all ZAM members for having accorded me the opportunity of serving as the association’s spokesperson for the past seven years,” Bwembya said.“As some of you may be aware, I have been a member of ZAM for 10 years, and prior to being elected as publicity secretary, I served as chairperson for ZAM’s HIV/AIDS and Social Commentary (HASC) committee”.
Bwembya expressed his gratitude to people who encouraged him to contest the position of publicity secretary but regretted that he had to leave before his tenure of office came to an end.

“Although I do not agree with some of the current happenings in the association, I still have faith in the current NEC’s potential to change the course of the Zambian music sector,” Bwembya said.