Zambia has the worst road accident stats – Mwamba

By Staff Reporter


Zambia Road Safety Trust chairperson Daniel Mwamba says Zambia has the worst road traffic accident statistics in the world.


And at least 13 people were killed in 11 fatal road traffic accidents that were recorded during the New Year holiday.


Mwamba appealed to the Road Transport and Safety Agency and the Ministry of Transport and Communication to scale up measures to reduce fatalities especially during the festive period.


And police spokesperson Esther Katongo says a total of 120 accidents were reported during the New Year holiday from the 31st December, 2018 to 02nd of January, 2019.


Katongo stated yesterday that from the 120 recorded accidents, 14 were serious and that at least 15 persons were seriously injured.


She said 33 others were slight accidents in which 35 persons suffered slight injuries.


Katongo stated that the remaining 62 accidents, however, only caused damage to motor vehicles involved.


She has attributed the reduced number of accidents record during the New Year Holiday to increased presence of traffic officers in conjunction with Road Transport and Safety agency.

Meanwhile, RTSA Head of public relations Frederick Mubanga said it was saddening to witness such fatalities as the one that happened on Great North Road where young ladies died after the agency had invested so much in road safety education.