Bishop Chisanga calls for peace in DRC

By Staff Reporter


MANSA Catholic Diocese Bishop Patrick Chisanga has urged Zambians to continue praying for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Bishop Chisanga observed during the new year mass on Tuesday that any disturbances in the DRC would have a spill-over effect on neighbouring countries.

The Bishop cited Mantapala refugee resettlement in Luapula Province that is now home to about 20, 000 refugees from the DRC as some of the results of lack of peace in that country.

Bishop Chisanga said once peace was restored in the DRC, countries like Zambia would benefit more from a lot of economic activities.

And Bishop Chisanga has appealed to politicians in Zambia to preach peace all the times and put the interest of the country first.

Bishop Chisanga observed that it was easy to start a war in a country as opposed to ending it.