Mumbwa MP appeals for restoration of a collapsed bridge

By Staff Reporter

MUMBWA UPND member of parliament Credo Nanjuwa has lamented the poor state of the Nambala – Blue Lagoon road in his constituency and called for the restoration of Kayumweyumwe bridge washed away by heavy rains.

Speaking when he led journalists to Kayumweyumwe stream whose bridge, on Nambala – Blue Lagoon road, was washed away, Nanjuwa said the situation posed a challenge for residents of Mumbwa’s Nambala, Naluvwi and Nalubanda wards.

Nanjuwa explained that much as the people appreciated the recent establishment of a milk centre project in Mumbwa town, farmers from Naluvwi and Nalubanda wards had extreme challenges, especially in the rainy season, taking milk to the centre.

He disclosed that he had contacted the local authority, the Central Province minister and his permanent secretary, the regional engineer and also the Minister of Infrastructure Development about lack of a bridge on Kayumweyumwe stream.

“They have promised to send engineers to come and make an assessment. So, we are waiting for a response from there. But what we are saying is that this requires quick attention! This is just January and what will happen by March? The people from Naluvwi and Nalubanda will not be able to cross to go to Mumbwa town,” he said.

And Nanjuwa wondered why the Nambala – Blue Lagoon road, which was “under a contract to be constructed to a bituminous level” was not being worked on at all.

“This is a trunk road! In Parliament, Honourable [Boyd] Hamusonde (Nangoma independent member of parliament), I and Honourable Machila Jamba (Mwembeshi independent member of parliament) raised questions about the contractor on this road. We have been assured that the contract was signed in 2017 but we are wondering why the contractor is not moving on site all that long,” noted Nanjuwa, who was accompanied by Shimbizhi ward UPND councilor Manas Siazana.

“How long should it take for a contractor to move on site? If the contractor cannot move on site, why is the contract not being terminated? If it’s a straightforward contract, it should be terminated and a more capacitated contractor can be given this contract and move on site.”