Alliances should be anchored around socio-economic agenda – Kabimba

By Staff Reporter

RAINBOW Party general secretary Wynter Kabimba needs to have a financial sector which is supportive of locals.

And Kabimba says political alliances that are anchored on defeating the incumbent President in an election do not persuade him so much, unless they are tied to a progressive social and economic programme.

In an interview on Thursday, Kabimba explained that as long as the government tried to implement a developmental framework that excluded Zambians as catalysts of that development, “it won’t get anywhere.”

“So, you need a developmental framework which puts Zambians at the centre of economic activities of this country – they must drive the production of goods and services. You must have a financial sector which is supportive of the Zambians,”

“[But] you have a financial sector now which is dominated by foreign banks and no country in the world has ever developed through that channel. Zambians must be urged to get up and work but they can only work through the support of government. So, these are the issues and I say to myself if I get into an alliance like that and I project these…. Not that they (his ideas) are the best for Zambia. The unemployment that we have in Zambia can be dealt with. Even the issue of taxation; for as long as you have high levels of unemployment which lead to people surviving through the informal sector, which is very difficult to tax anywhere in the world.”

He explained why he was not part of the 10 political parties that resolved to work together on key national issues.

“ZRP was a merger of ZADECO and BY’s (Ben Mwila’s) Republican Party plus Guy Scott and the late Ben Kapita’s Lima party. Then after that I was part of the pact between PF and UPND in 2009 and I have been looking at the so-called pact between MMD and PF. So, I can claim to have some experience. You can also go back to 2006 alliance of UDA (United Democratic Alliance), which was a composition of FDD, UNIP and UPND,” Kabimba said.

“So, if you took time to analyse alliances, you will come to one commonality that they are not founded on any social and economic programme, they are not founded on any ideology – they are founded purely on personalities. Within the pact, the issue of leadership has always been the negative aspect of those alliances. Outside the pact, the issue of ‘what will you do if the Zambian people gave you the mandate to govern’ has always been the problem, hence, their failures!”

Kabimba added that there was currently a loose pact between the MMD and PF but asked how the two political parties had improved the living conditions of Zambians.

“The second factor regarding the social and economic programme clearly stands out; what is it that PF and the MMD have been able to do in common to uplift the Zambian people from poverty levels? The answer is zero! So, when this alliance of 10 came up, they have tried to court me and I have said to the people that they sent to me that you have to answer those questions first,” Kabimba noted.

Meanwhile, Kabimba indicated that if the only agenda of the alliance was to replace “Edgar with one of us, then that is not enough.”

“This is not the first time that we will be replacing an individual. The logic that ‘remove Edgar and everything will be fine’ doesn’t persuade me very much. I ask myself ‘what is it that I have in common with the individuals in the alliance, ideologically and otherwise I may find very limited areas of agreement. So, that has been my problem,” said Kabimba.