Socialism only alternative to capitalism – SYL

By Staff Reporter

The socialist youth league leadership says the Socialist Party is gaining momentum since its launch in March this year.

Speaking during a radio program on Live FM dubbed: Reviewing 2018, Socialist Youth League General Secretary Shekinah Kafwabulula  said the party would increase its visibility in 2019.

“Socialism is the only alternative for the liberation of the people; the socialist party is dedicated to the youths and in 2021 majority youths will contest the election,” Kafwabulula said.

And speaking on the same programme, Kyle Haselsteiner who is deputy General Secretary explained that the socialist party was committed to empowering youths to take part in governance issues.

“Youth participation in politics comes with experience not age, young people are used as tools of political violence for other political parties, but it is different with the socialist party,” Haselsteiner said.

Meanwhile, Kafwabulula explained that for youths in the socialist party undergo political education which prepare them for the leadership of the country.

The socialist youth league leadership stated that the performance of the current leadership had been pathetic and that nothing has been delivered to the expectation of the masses.

“People still have access to poor water and basic needs and the cost of living is too high,” said Haselsteiner.

And Kafwabulula expressed her concern that the country was ruled under capitalist system where corruption thrived.

“We cannot point fingers now until we dismantle this system that is founded on exploiting the working masses with socialism,” she said.

Haselsteiner said the country had also performed poorly in terms of agriculture as farming inputs were delivered late to farmers.

“A nation that cannot feed its people is a disaster,” Haselsteiner said.

The youth leadership explained that the socialist party had developed cooperatives to empower farmers and break the dependency on government inputs.

“Those who are in leadership are greed and have no sense of accountability,” said Kafwandulula.

And Kamayoyo Situmbeko, a caller who participated on the program urged the Socialist Party to ensure that they teach the masses about the ideologies of socialism and come in open to talk about corruption in the country.

“Your presidential candidate for 2021 Dr Fred (M’membe) spoke so much and did not allow corruption during the past regimes, we need leaders that will ensure that perpetrators of corruption are brought to book,” Situmbeko said.