Over-speeding, drunkenness account for majority accidents – Mushimba

By Staff Reporter

Over-speeding and drunkenness account for majority road traffic accidents, Minister of Transport and Communications Brian Mushimba has said.

Speaking on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation television during the launch of The 2018 Road Safety Week on Tuesday whose theme is Speed Down, Save Lives, Mushimba said speed cameras would be installed on certain points that are identified as being prone to road traffic accidents.

He said it had been observed that drivers tend to reduce speed where they know there are cameras installed.

“Infringement recorded on 6 speed cameras in August were 8,000 and later reduced to only 240 infringements per day in November captured on 14 speed cameras. Am urging RTSA to increase sensitization for road behaviour to help reduce road crashes,” said Mushimba

He has since called on all Zambians to make road safety a way of life so that there was change in the culture of behaviour on roads.

“Am also urging all drivers to refrain from over-speeding and drunkenness during this time of festivities. And encouraging drivers to drive at a maximum speed of 40km/h in a built-up area while following stipulated speed limits along the High Ways,” he said

He has since called for training of young children so that they grow up into adults that are responsible citizens in as far as movements on the roads is concerned.