No one has a right to insult other tribes – UPND

By Staff Reporter

Opposition United Party for National Development says it’s very demeaning and shameful for president Edger Lungu to openly call Bemba’s thieves.

President Lungu last week said the bemba speaking people were generally held as thieves, a position the ruling Patriotic Front media director Sunday Chanda vehemently defended as a joke.

UPND Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighters Percy Chanda in a statement said if lungu did not understand the limits of the Chimbuya (tribal cousinship) he must take leave and be cultured on how Bembas and their traditional cousins joke without offending either parties.

Chanda warned Sunday Chanda to stop defending President Lungu for things that were indefensible.

“This insult came from the man who is supposed to unify this Country and therefore we refuse that it was a joke and we take it as an insult on all Bemba speaking people. Yes, Bembas will vigorously defend their integrity through the ballot box,” said Chanda.

He said that culture of insulting and demeaning other tribes in PF citing the reference of the Tongas as kachemas.

“What is very clear is that no Tonga PF member stood up and criticised such nonsense for the sake of a job. This careless talk produced a backlash on PF through the Dundumwezi formula. And PF should expect the same backlash from the Bemba’s. Action speaks louder than words. Another senior PF official insulted people from North Western Province and there was a back lash and he paid dearly politically. Now do you expect Bemba’s to clap when being insulted in public? NO. So, why should a Bemba person show such kind of irresponsibility and defend insults towards his tribesmate for the sake of SEBANA WIKUTE? Yes, we cannot stand up now against your brutal police but be least assured that we will safely do so through the ballot,” he said

Chanda said President Lungu’s utterances could cost him the presidency at the next elections.

“All along he has just been using Bembas. One can pretend to love someone but the inner feelings of that person will one day give him away than the pretence he has been portraying. We refuse to be insulted by Mr. Lungu. The insult from Mr. Lungu is the deep reflection of how he thinks and would like to treat Bembas given chance. He is the one dividing Zambians and therefore it’s a mockery of the highest degree for the same man to set up a commission of inquiry into the voting pattern when he is the one perpetuating that. That is hypocrisy,” he said.