Govt not yet ready to incorporate street youths into ZNS programmes

By Staff Reporter


Sport, Youth and Child Development minister Moses Mawere says the government will reconsider sending street youths into ZNS camps for skills training.

In 2005, the Levy Mwanawasa administration introduced such a programme where the first batch of street children were sent and they graduated.

After president Mwanawasa died, his successor, Rupiah Banda abandoned the programme.

In an interview with, Mawere said at the moment there were no enough logistics to support such a programme.

‘’Yes, I remember the priogramme very well, and it was a good programme. It’s not that we have completely abandoned that programme, to the contrary, we shall look at it soon and review it,’’ said Mawere. ‘’It’s just that for now the resources are quite meager. We have a deliberate programme of empowering the youth as spelt out in our party manifesto, and this could be one of those programmes. So, yes, we will reconsider it in future when we have enough resources, but for  now we are not ready yet.’’