Lungu is poised to win 2021 presidential eligibility bid – Nalumango

By staff Reporter

There is 99.9 percent chance that president Edgar Lungu will win the 2021 presidential elections eligibility petition in the constitutional court when the ruling is passed this Friday because the Judicial system in Zambia does not inspire confidence.

United Party for National Development (UPND) chairperson Mutale Nalumango says this could only be otherwise if an impossibility happens because the court system in Zambia was very confusing and biased towards the appointing authority.

“The courts today seem confused. Who is the real leader of the courts between the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Courts because both have the final ruling with no chance of appeal to a higher court” she said.

Speaking during an appearance on a Hot FM radio programme dubbed Frank on Hot, Nalumango said people should vote for the UPND and president Hakainde Hichilema (H.H) for genuine Judicial reforms in the country.

Nalumango also accused the Zambia police of being biased, compromised and being controlled by the PF cadres.

“This is not the police service that we envisaged. We have cadres masquerading as police officers and frustrating the educated senior police officers. One came to complain to me, almost in tears that they are getting orders from cadres. That is why there is lawlessness among the law enforcers, where young lives like that of the University of Zambia student Vespers are lost carelessly with no action taken” she said.

She said Hichilema should be the preferred candidate to change this mess because he had been tried and tested for sometime and understands the political climate.

“2011 he did well. 2015 he did well again despite the political landscape being unfair and seeing Lungu going away with 20 thousand votes. In 2016 there were spoilt votes in Kanyama and Lundazi which were for HH. If we are fair we can say that he won. However, H.H has made steady progress,” she said.

She said this government should be removed because they were doing things with impunity like overtaxing the citizens including widows who feed their families from small housing structures left by their dead husbands.

She also accused the PF of being corrupt during by-elections and using under hand methods to win.

“I was in government but we did not have District Commissioners and ministers coming for campaign using government machinery. We have however, tried under these unfair circumstances as seen in our wining three of the seven by elections that have been held this year. They are the ruling party and they won four. This shows we are strong,” she said.

Nalumango said it was unfortunate that the PF government induces elections by having opposition MP resign so that they create by-elections saying it is worrying that the country is now at 40 by-elections and could soon set an unprecedented record.