Lungu in Luangwa valley, claims Chanda

By Staff Reporter


President Edgar Lungu’s special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda has claimed that the head of state is on vacation at a secret location in the Luangwa valley.

And Chanda admitted that Lusaka businessman Terence Findley was one of those supporting the ruling Patriotic Front party.

Chanda, who featured on Hot FM Radio Breakfast Show this morning, was asked by the presenter for a comment on Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s accusation early this week that Lungu had sneaked out of the country.

‘’You can’t always take Mr Kambwili seriously. The President is in the Luangwa valley at a secret location.  He’s on a working vacation, the office of the President is too demanding, so we literally forced him to take a rest,” Chanda explained.

‘’We cannot disclose the place because we want him to rest. If we disclose then all those looking for him will locate him and he will not enjoy his rest.’’

And Chanda said Lungu and Findley were personal friends.

‘’Look, Mr Findley has a plane bigger than the presidential Challenger plane, so if he wants to go out of the country, he can take himself there. Recently he just came back from England and South Africa, he does not need state sponsorship,’’ Chanda said in response to public concerns on why Findley was included on presidential trips.

‘’And he is one of those businessmen that help the PF with finances. You cannot separate business from politics, that is an issue all politicians including in America and Britain have recognised. So, yes, he helps finance the PF.’’