Findlay has a private Jet bigger than the Presidential Challenger – Chanda

By Staff Reporter


President Edgar Lungu’s special assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says businessman Valden Findlay owns a private jet bigger than the Presidential Challenger.

Commenting of the secret trip taken by President Lungu and Findlay this week, Chanda said the latter did not use tax-payers money whenever he accompanied the Head of State as he was a rich man who also funded the Patriotic Front.


Speaking when he appeared as guest DJ on Hot FM’s breakfast show this morning, Chanda said people needed to understand how political parties fundraised through association with businessmen.


He said Findlay’s relationship with President Lungu was purely personal, which did not cost the tax payers.


“Government works in a very advanced system that is more sophisticated than Mr Chishimba Kambwili’s mind. Sometimes we want the President to take as much rest as possible that is why you find speculations of where he is. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of his resting. Once everyone knows where he is, they will seek to access him. We all know he is on working holiday and is free to have personal visitors that may even include Mr Findlay,” he said.


Chanda also stressed that the president was not interested in the sentencing of political commentator, Gregory Cifire because it was a private matter  between two private companies.

“The dispute of Mr Cifire is in the peripheral. This is a private matter between Savendah and Stanbic Bank so where does the president come in if Mr Cifire decides to be a spokesperson of one of the companies? We can’t be talking about pardoning because the president only pardons prisoners, so is Mr Cifire a prisoner? Where is he detained anywhere because he is still issuing statements even after the sentence. The president cannot be seen to be siding with people who disrespect the Judiciary. Mr Cifire should just consult his lawyers.” he said.

Chanda also disputed that there are alot of high taxes in Zambia stating that there was a lot of propaganda around the issue of taxes in the country.

“Where are the high taxes? For example, people talk about bore hall tax, there is no such thing because one simply has to pay once to the Water Resource Management to ensure that the borehole is drilled in the right place and there are no issues of contamination. Road tax and toll gates are also important in order for road maintenance. Dr Kaunda (first republican president) decided to be ‘father Christmas’ when he built a large road network around the country but did not build toll gates for their maintenance and we all know how they ended up. If you complain that the roads are not maintained after you are paying toll gates then maybe you can be excused,” he said.