Action Aid Zambia to support students activism

By Staff Reporter


ACTION Aid has pledged to support students activism, especially in institutions of higher learning in order to promote accountability in public office.

Country director Nasilele Nyendwa said Action Aid Zambia would support the activities of the Zambia National Students Union with their affiliates to enhance students advocacy in 2019 to ensure the restoration of unionism public universities.

Nyendwa said a polarised unionism in universities compromised their capacities to advocate for changes or improved society.

“Zambia’s Strategic Paper spells out how important youth leadership and participation in state accountability,” she said.

Nyendwa has called upon all student leaders to speak not only for themselves but for all current students and future students across the country.

“Student activism is important for any nation as it has the potential to cause political, environmental, economic, or social change,”Nyendwa said.

She further added that Zambia had largely benefited from results of student activism and that students have been influential over the years in shaping the political and economic discourse of the country.

In October this year government through the Ministry of Higher Education partially lifted a ban on student activities in public institutions of higher learning with the University of Zambia Student Union recently conducting its elections.