Christian nation declaration, a rhetoric,  hypocritical – Simataa

By Staff Reporter


Activist Simataa Simataa says men of God have become crazy over the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.


And Simataa said the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation was hypocritical because those expected to uphold Christian values were the ones reinforcing deceit and graft.


Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme this morning, Simataa said despite the constitution empowering law enforcement officers to take action against people involved in graft, they have never done so because they were morally bankrupt.

The programme was  dubbed: Zambia, a Christian Nation.

“We have anti-corruption and money laundering acts, among others, but we don’t have the will to enforce and implement. The president himself is on record, making a confession that there are certain erring officers that he cannot act upon because they are protected and enshrined in the law,” Simataa said in Lusaka. “What are the officers in those offices doing? Why is everybody fearful to investigate someone who has stolen from government even after the president has given a go ahead ?”

Asked for comment on why Religious Affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili compared PF candidate Godwin Putu to Jesus Christ in the just ended Mangango parliamentary by-election, Simataa condemned such a statement.

“Let me be blunt! I think If Zambia was a person then that person would be a hypocrite. It’s not right for Zambia to be declared a Christian nation because there is a lot of wrong going on in the country. The declaration should be that of hope; something like ‘Zambia shall be saved’ instead of a declaration which is mere rhetoric,” he said.

“There is this belief in this country that when you go to church on Saturday or Sunday then you are a Christian. We need to turn this around and change this. Christianity means that when you are converted you need to live your life like Christ did. For me, the declaration hoodwinked you people into thinking everything is well, and you even stopped praying for the nation as you used to.”

He said in reality the country had a circular society which accommodated all religions.

“As a born-again Christian myself, I’m wondering  why it’s just the Pentecostals that are heralding this declaration. If Zambia is to remain a Christian nation, then I challenge the government and church leaders to be the first to exhibit exemplary and righteous Christian principles,” said Simataa.