PF using underhand methods to win elections-UPND

By Staff Reporter

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has accused its political Nemesis, the  Patriotic Front (PF) of using unorthodox methods in its desperate bid to win the various local and parliamentary by elections including the recently held Mangango parliamentary by elections.

UNDP Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa says the PF has been winning by-elections because they use tax payer’s money and Chinese business community funding to bribe the electorate.

Reacting to yesterday’s loss in the Mangango parliamentary by-elections, in an interview with News, Mweetwa said the PF has also been diminishing the political operational space by stifling the freedom of campaign and movement using state agents like the police.

“We cannot begin to explain strategy just because of one election. Otherwise we intend to go flat out and interact with the people on the ground. As we go towards 2021 we want to get people’s concerns and be in agreement with what we can do when we form government. That is why we have come out strongly to demand accountability in the utilization of power by colleagues in the PF” He said.

He said despite the unfair platform, the UPND has continued to grow faster than the PF and has proved to be a force to reckon with.

“How can they be using the public Order Act, citing security concerns and yet Zambia has been peaceful for 54 years? They fear because they know we have a superior economic programme and stronger manifesto. We have actually started making in-roads in their strongholds as evidenced in Petauke. So in essence we have won Petauke and Solwezi whilst they have won in Mangango and Luwingu. PF is beginning to diminish whilst UPND is on the rise” he said.

The PF scooped the Mangango parliamentary sit after their candidate Godwin Putu polled 5 675 votes against the UPNDs Akakendelwa Mwendoi who polled 4 137 votes. The PF further scooped the ward elections in Shang’ombo, Lupososhi and Ngabwe district.

The Mangango by elections fell vacant after the death of incumbent UPND Member of Parliament Naluwe Mwene.

This is the second time that the PF has beaten the UPND in by elections in the same constituency. In 2014 the PF scooped the Mangango By elections after its candidate Rodgers Lingweshi polled 3,109 votes to beat Godwin Putu who stood on the UPND ticket and got 2,375 votes. The UPND went on to take back the seat in the 2016 general elections.