Maiko releases Maggie Mayela

By Staff Reporter

Veteran Musician and civil rights activist Maiko Zulu has lamented the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor while greed is skyrocketing to alarming levels.

Maiko says the situation is volatile because media freedoms were restricted while people had lost faith in the courts of law as they are perceived to have a bias towards the government.

In an Interview with to explain his latest revolutionary single titled ‘Maggie Mayela’, Maiko said the song highlights continued oppression of the masses.

“Right now we are headed backwards as a country and there is urgent need for those wielding authority to begin to think of the suffering masses. I live in a rural area and I see the poverty of the people. Chinese are already a powerful force in this country because our leaders don’t like to be questioned about money. You know Chinese will give you money for anything, even to kill yourself as long as they make a profit. I am not saying we shouldn’t do business with them but that we should be cautious not to sell all the means of production to foreigners, ” he explains.

He said the song was inspired by recent events that have happened in Zambia, which include the closure of Post Newspapers Limited,  the economic malaise and inherent corruption in the country.

“I am hoping we can musically enlighten the people because at the end of the day we are supposed to be in a democracy. The people’s vote is what they will live by for five years after an election. So, in simplicity the song is a bitter pill to swallow for all of us.” he said.

Maggie Mayela is a satirical reggae song that talks about a woman who is seemingly not doing things the right way but at the same time she is being accused of failing to address some of the recent political  happenings in the country.

It is a song centered on innuendo but at the same time clearly addressing the many short comings of the political leadership  in the country.