Save ZAFFICO, Zambians urged

By Staff Reporter

Political researcher Dr. Cephas Mukuka has challenged Zambians, through all credible opposition political parties, the church and NGOs to stand up and block the sale of ZAFFICO.

In a statement on Sunday Dr. Mukuka warned that if the recklessness, which included the sale of state owned Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation (ZAFFICO) was not stopped, it would leave the nation rapped heavily into unbearable levels of unemployment and poverty.

Mukuka reminded the nation that former president Frederick Chiluba, was dragged to court, sidelined and humiliated due to recklessness, a path the PF government had chosen to take.

“…. a miserable path it is, a dangerous road for that matter as if ZAFFICO, goes to strangers, the first exercise will be to downsize the work force sending people in the streets, turning them into destitutes,” Dr. Mukuka said.

“We have a lot of vulnerable people who have been waiting for terminal benefits whose benefits have not been paid to-date. President Lungu should exercise leadership and stop this floating of Zaffico on the labour market. People should not jump gun. If Zaffico has operational problems, government should source funds and save the firm. On the other hand, Management Buy Out could have been another option in the midst of talking of citizen empowerment”.

He said short cuts to any dealings were highly suspicious and urged the PF government to show humility by listening to people.

“Dr Kenneth Kaunda, should be the most disappointed person at the moment. Heartless people are hell-bent to destroy the good and great foundation he laid for future generations. The move is not in good faith, it has more questions than answers. Time has come for the church, opposition, NGOs, and other stakeholders to halt the sale of Zaffico,” he said.

Mukuka said liberalized economy did not mean government abdicating its interests and responsibilities in managing the economy.

“Our national pride has been plundered, land, industries, farms, among several others are truly in foreign and strange hands. Lungu should have a heart for the nation and the people at large. I wish he knows how much poverty is in Zambia today”.