Criminal elements usurp power using money – Mumba

By Staff Reporter

Zambia is a country where criminal elements usurp power using money, opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy faction president Dr Nevers Mumba has said.

Speaking on Hot FM radio’s Hot Seat programme this morning, Mumba, reiterated that there was only one MMD for which he was president.

However, former works and supply minister Felix Mutati is also a faction president of the former ruling party. He was until two weeks ago when he was fired a cabinet minister in the Patriotic Front government.

“But there is always criminality in the country! Unfortunately, we live in a country where those with money and criminal minds can actually assert themselves to say they are in charge of an organisation. This has happened to me before in 2014 when I was pushed out from being the leader of the MMD. I did the same thing; I went into the background and depended on the infrastructure of our system – in this case the courts of law,” Mumba said.

“You will remember that in 2014 on the 18th of December, it was ruled in my favour that I was the president of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy and I should not be interfered with, moving forward. But they did it! But again, I have to do what I believe is the right thing and that is [to] leave it in the hands of the competent courts to make determination.”

He noted that the fact that trial had already began, in the MMD presidency wrangle, meant that “we are about to come to the end of this long, tedious journey.”

“I’m confident that the rule of law is going to be respected. I mean, if we didn’t pursue this case, I would fear for Zambia! We are at a place now where everything has settled and the law is now emerging and people have to measure their activities against what the law says,” he said.

“So, if it had happened to the Patriotic Front what happened to MMD, these gentlemen who are called defendants in this case would be in Mukobeko Prison because it would be treason of trying to unseat a legitimately elected leader of an organisation. You can imagine if they (defendants the MMD leadership wrangle) did that to the Patriotic Front! Because of them (the PF) being in government, it would be a treasonous case.”

He added that the Felix Mutati – led MMD faction was in a hurry to do things because they thought that: “the more activity they have, the more legitimacy they draw and that they could probably influence the courts….”