Chingola SP denounces PF hypocrisy

By Staff Reporter

The Socialist Party in Chingola says it is unacceptable to see leaders who are in public offices team with PF youths in defending Chinese abuse of Zambian workers.

In a statement to News Day Zambia, Socialist Party Chingola coordinator Joseph Kangwa said the party was disappointed with such acts.                                 He said people were trying hard to protect their land and resources but were being betrayed by such leaders.

“In short, the demonstration by the Patriotic Front (PF) was amorphous and a mockery to the well-meaning Zambian citizens who are trying to protect our nation, especially those who participated in an attempt resistance to protect our country’s asset,” he said.

“Honestly, how can that protest be in support of peace and unity as claimed by their ring leaders when it was politically and based on hatred of some other politicians? How can it be in support of peace and unity when their top leaders have failed to protect our fellow youths at the Copperbelt University (CBU) and University of Zambia (UNZA) who are vulnerable to brutalisation?”

Kangwa has since challenged the PF Youths on the Copperbelt to take keen interest in enforcing  labour laws to those companies that are not following such  laws.

“They should be at the forefront of fighting against corruption that has been said to be cats and dogs in our country if they really meant what they said through their provincial youth chairperson that they would not allow lawlessness in our province,” said Kangwa.