Police summon HH, says not afraid  

By Staff Reporter

Police on the Copperbelt have summoned United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema to appear before the Copperbelt Police Division in Ndola.

According to a callout issued by Deputy D. C. I.O, Gloria Mulele, Hichilema should report to Ndola police on Wednesday next week “for investigations “.

The Patriotic Front is accusing hakainde that he is inciting people on the Copperbelt to riot over the alleged sale of ZAFFICO, a state owned company involved in the timber industry, a matter he has denied.

Meanwhile Hichilema Deputy press secretary Brian Mwiinga has called on the members of the party to get ready for anything and vowed that Hichilema is not shaken.

Mwiinga in a statement said hakainde is safe and no amount of threats will shake him and stop him from speaking the truth, he is actually 10 times stronger.

“Like he said yesterday; even if they arrest him, that won’t grow our country’s economy or indeed stop the uncoordinated PF leadership’s corruption and tyranny reasoning. In fact they will just further annoy the country,” said Mwiinga

He said People have been made angry and hungry already by the PF and we all know the end results when people are in such a state.

“Therefore, the President is in high spirits and ready for any eventualities. His call is that the country must remain strong and not allow those plundering both public and donor funding to derail them from calling a spade, a spade,” he said

On Thursday Hakainde Hichilema says he is not afraid of being arrested or being sent to prison, but adds that none of that would end the anger that the people are feeling against the government.

Hichilema kept insisting that he did not incite anybody to riot as PF officials were claiming.

“I did not incite anybody to riot, let’s state that very clear. My position is that I incited nobody to riot. What is true is that citizens are aware of what is going on in the country. They are aware of the ZNBC situation,” said Hichilema