GBV cases up by 17% in third quarter

By Staff Reporter


OVER 6,000 Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases have been recorded countrywide in the third quarter of 2018, police have announced.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo stated that 6,114 cases have been recorded compared to 5,096 cases during the same period in 2017 showing an increase by 1,018 representing 16.7%.

Katongo also disclosed that a total of 664 cases of child defilement were recorded representing 10.9% increase of the total reported cases out of which three were against boys while the rest were against girls.


She said Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of Child defilement cases with 320, representing 48.2% of the child defilement cases reported countrywide, Southern Province recorded 73 cases representing 11.0%, followed by Central Province with 63 cases or 9.5%, Eastern Province had 60 cases or 9%, and Copperbelt Province recorded 49 cases representing 7.4%.


“Other provinces include Western and North Western both with 29 cases representing 4.4% each, Muchinga had 17 cases or 2.6%, Luapula had 14 cases or 2.1%, TAZARA had five cases which is 0.8%, Northern Province recorded four cases representing 0.6% while Airports Division recorded one case representing 0.2%,” said Katongo.


She said that a total number of 124 cases representing 2% were reports of rape while 23 cases were attempted rape.

“Further on sexual offences, the country recorded 37 cases of indecent assault translating to 0.6% of the total reported GBV cases out of which two  were against male adults, 26 against female adults and nine against girls. Twelve cases of incest involving six female adults and six girls were reported countrywide. Twenty-four GBV related murder cases were reported translating to 0.4% of the total reported cases out of which 11 victims were female adults representing 45.8%, five were male adult victims, five girls translating to 20.8 % while three (03) were boys giving a percentage of 12.5,” she said.

“2,094 cases of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm (O.A.B.H) were recorded countrywide representing 34% of the total reported cases out of which1,586 were female victims while 508 were males representing 75.7% and 24.3% respectively. Central Province recorded the highest reported Assault OAHB cases with 573 cases translating to 27.4% followed by Eastern Province with 344 cases representing 16.4% then Lusaka Province which recorded 336 cases representing 16%. Other Provinces are Copperbelt with 228 cases or 10.9%, Western, 199 cases which is 9.5%, North Western, 126 cases or 06%, Southern had 115 cases translating to 5.5%, Muchinga, 78 cases translating to 3.7%, Luapula and Tazara Divisions recorded 30 cases each translating to 1.4% while Northern Province recorded 26 cases or 1.2% and Airport Division recorded the lowest with 09 cases or 0.4% of the total reported Assault OABH cases,”

Katongo further mentioned that during the same period under review, two cases of human trafficking were recorded in Luapula Province involving two females.

“486 cases were for failing to provide necessaries representing 7.9% of the total reported GBV cases while neglecting to provide food etc., for children had 200 reports translating to 3.3%. A comparison with the third quarter of 2017, 416 defilement cases were reported compared to 664 in 2018 third quarter translating to an increase of 248 cases or 37.3%. There were 1,644 cases of Assault OABH in 2017, during the period under review compared to 2,094 in 2018 and this indicates an increase by 450 or 21.5%,” she added

She said 17 GBV related murder cases were reported in the third quarter of 2017 compared to 24 cases in third quarter of 2018 showing an increase by seven cases translating to 29.2%.