Excuse yourself, you have failed – Tembo tells Lungu

By Staff Reporter

Opposition Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo has asked president Edgar Lungu to excuse himself from the leadership of the country as he has failed to live up to the expectations of the people.

And Tembo says the recent riots on the Copperbelt should not be blamed on the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s statement regarding the sale of ZAFFICO as the citizens were expected to react using methods of resistance such as riots due to bad governance, incompetence and inefficiency currently experienced in the country.

Speaking on radio Live FM in Lusaka, Thursday, Tembo said Zambia was not devoid of leaders with capacity to drive the country out of the current political and economic malaise where the weaker were left to fend for themselves while those in government did not seem to have any ideas how to address the situation.

“There is ample evidence in our view that Mr. Lungu has failed to run the affairs of this republic and he is not the only citizen that can run the affairs of this republic and therefore he must be excused,” Tembo said. “People are frustrated, people are hungry, they are in compounds doing nothing, just looking at each other. Suddenly they realise they are now hungry and they need to eat something but there is nothing. Someone buys a small piece of bread and they all have to share with no hope”.

He said people could only tolerate the incompetence and corruption of the PF government up to a certain point where they would say enough was enough, and start asking why they should continue to allow PF to intimidate them in perpetuity.

Tembo said the only way to ensure control was to ensure that people were economically prospering and their welfare enhanced.

And Tembo warned of more riotous behavior across the country as the people were becoming more and more  disenchanted with incompetence and poor governance coupled with failure to meet the campaign promises of 2016 general elections.

“Those Copperbelt riots you saw are not going to be the last ones, they will be plenty more to come,” he said. “Workers are protesting because they are compelled by their stomachs, their stomachs are empty”.

Tembo prided his party to be ready to take over the leadership of the country as other opposition parties such as the UPND had similar characteristics with the PF.

He urged the  UPND to reflect on their language and conduct and interactions with other political parties if they were to remain relevant to national governance.

Tembo said the Zambian people lost confidence in the PF a long time ago but did not have alternative as UPND was not raising to the challenge.

“Whatever is making PF bad is also present in the UPND,’’ he said. “Taking UPND into government is like jumping from fire to a frying pan as the party has no democracy in the management of its party affairs. Lungu and HH are the Omegas and Alfas for their parties but PeP will invest in democracy for the nation”.

Tembo also disclosed that his party was eagerly waiting for November 13, 2018 for the Constitutional Court interpretation  whether President Lungu was a public officer or not under the Anti-Corruption Commission Act of 2012 in a matter regarding the acquisition of a controversial plot in  eStitwane by the latter.

Tembo also predicted a complete breakdown of a relationship between MMD and PF following the dismissal of former works and supply minister Felix Mutati.