Education best investment for children – Zulu

By Staff Reporter


Gideon Zulu has called on parents to invest in their children’s education.

Zulu, a former Kasenengwa MMD candidate, said education was the best investment a parent could ever give a child.

He said it was disappointing that some parents and guardians were encouraging early marriages in some parts of Kasenengwa.

“Parents, please make sure that our children are sent to school! These are our future leaders; educating our children will help develop the nation and this will help our children stand on their own,’’ he said after officiating at a football match at Chiparamba sub centre. ‘’We should not promote or encourage early marriages in our areas. This was not my tournament, I just came in and put some money in it after the death of late Victoria Kalima who started this tournament and on the way she died. And I decided to continue and not let the tournament end like this, even if I have other running tournaments.’’

Meanwhile, Masauso Phiri, a youth commended Zulu for supporting youth football.

“Us youths such tournaments are helping us a lot, because once we have some people funding us and after winning it really helps us to solve some financial challengers we are facing on a daily basis,” said Phiri.

And William Ngoma, the organiser, said other people had neglected youths.

“Many people were approached on this tournament and were refusing to come on board as others were saying it’s not time for campaigns. They have been telling us that they can only come in if it was time for campaigns,” said Ngoma.