Practice what you say, SP challenges Lungu

By Staff Reporter


The Socialist Party has challenged President Edgar Lungu to exhibit seriousness on his pledge to uphold the legacy of freedom and peace set by revolutionaries like Mama Chibesa Kankasa and her comrades during the struggle for independence.

Party spokesperson Father Richard Luonde said Lungu should not just be rhetorical about issues of freedom and peace but take practical action in ensuring the political playing field is level.

Speaking to News Day Zambia in an interview  today, Fr Luonde said it was one thing for Lungu to make such an emotional statement, yet fulfilling that was another.

“Lungu has a very questionable character because he has been chocking people’s political freedom every now and then. Now because a great hero has died he wants to make political mileage by claiming he is a national statesman,” Fr Luonde said.

“It is good that he is claiming to come back to his senses and realisation that he has been a tyrant and now wants to make amends. However, knowing his character we have to wait and see how practical this pledge is. We expect his words to be in tandem with his actions. He should actually take advantage of the pending interparty dialogue between him and HH to show he means well.’’

He said the Socialist Party believed in fairness and social justice as clearly stated in its mandate of Justice Equity and Peace for all Zambians, particularly the working class.

“As a party we aim to uphold the rights of the working class who are unfairly treated by the ruling class or petty bourgeoisie. However, this does not mean we condone unfair treatment among political opponents,’’ said Fr Luonde. ‘’Everybody must be free to express themselves without fear of persecution by the government machinery because freedom was given to us by our forefathers when they defeated the colonialists in 1964.’’

At the funeral church service of Mama Kankasa on Saturday, Lungu pledged to personally ensure that her legacy of freedom and peace was upheld by the current politicians.