Chiefs still await govt engagement on land policy

By Staff Reporter


Chief Mnukwa Mazyopa of the Ngoni speaking people in Chipangali district in Eastern Province has urged people to distinguish between state and customary land.

In an interview with News Day Zambia, chief Mnukwa said the constitution was very clear on how land should be administered in Zambia.

He said there was a distinction between state and customary.

“There is state land and customary land which chiefs are handling. The confusion which came some months ago was that government wanted to put in land policies which chiefs did not agree with. And those policies must be handled well because a number of issues were raised in the land policy issues where chiefs did not agree on certain issues,” he said.

“We need to seat down and come to a conclusion on the issue of land policy. We are still waiting from government, as they promised to get back to chiefs to consult through House of Chiefs because we need to have a common ground between government and chiefs.”