Govt lifts suspension on G12, lower exams

The government has lifted suspension slapped on all examinations after a Grade 12 mathematics paper 2 was leaked and circulated on social media early last week.

Addressing journalists in Lusaka Monday morning,  General Education minister David Mabumba said necessary security measures had been put in place to avoid a similar incident.

Mabumba further confirmed the authenticity of the leaked Mathematics paper and partly blamed some established tuition centres.

“Grade 7 examinations will start on the 5th of November and end on the 9th. Grade 9 examinations will begin on 2nd November and end on the 26th, while Grade 12 examinations will start on the 31st of October, said Mabumba. ‘’I would also like to confirm that the leaked Mathematics papers is authentic, that is why we suspended the examinations. Some of the mushrooming tuition centres are partly to blame for these leakages because they want to score high so that they can have more students. Bu we will not rest, we will make sure that examination malpractices are minimised.’’