We ain’t stupid but tolerant, Pilato warns Lungu

By Staff Reporter


Musician and civil rights activist Chama Fumba aka Pilato is disappointed that the government has given landto Chinese nationals for their own graveyard.

According to his Facebook post, Fumba wondered why Chinese should have a special graveyard in a country of mixed nationalities.

He accused government leaders of having what he termed the worst inferiority complex that no human being could ever imagine.

“We were worried that they will be selling assets to the Chinese but the worst happened, they sold their minds without shame. I think President Lungu and his ministers must be very careful because this will fuel hatred between us Zambians and the people of China,’’ he said. ‘’We will not sit down and watch our pride and dignity being trampled on by one nationality just because our leaders are receiving ‘free’ dollars. If the minister of lands loves the Chinese more than she loves Zambians, why can’t she surrender her farms to the Chinese for burying their dead?”

He warned that such preferential treatment Chinese would cause serious xenophobic fights.

“They have exclusive access to the ‘forbidden’ Mukula trees in Zambia and still we have watched… This is not a sign of weakness. We are not stupid. Zambians are tolerant and not stupid. I am reminding you President Lungu and your ministers, we the People of Zambia are watching and listening,’’ said Fumba. ‘’We have no problems with the Chinese people but you are creating that problem now. You are inciting us to rise against them by your preferential treatment for them. Do the right thing before it’s too late.”