Bishop Mambo challenges Sumaili to speak out

By Staff Reporter


Chikondi Foundation President Bishop John Mambo has challenged Religious Affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili to speak for the arrested Ndola pastors and NGO staff.

On October 18, police on the Copperbelt arrested five pastors and three members of staff from the Centre for Trade Policy and Development who had gathered to discuss the 2019 national budget and debt crisis in the country.

Bishop Mambo said Sumaili’s silence on the matter was too conspicuous.

He wondered whose interest the Religious Affairs Ministry represented if it could remain mute on such matters of harassment and intimidation of pastors by police.

“Under an ideal situation, this ministry was supposed to have more say on such matters bordering on undermining religious freedoms in the country. But, alas, due to partisanship of the Ministry and minister, such infringements pass through without notice from the Ministry and the minister,” he said.

He said If the ministry was operating independently, it could have been in the forefront spearheading the national dialogue.

Bishop Mambo said because of the Minist ry’s allegiance to politicians and lack of focus and clarity on its mandate, the national dialogue and reconciliation process had now been plunged into a state of irredeemable confusion.

“It is for this reason that Chikondi Foundation Trust wholly embraces the statement by Oasis Forum regarding the nightmares the country is in since independence and it’s observation that Zambia is now a dictator’s den,’’ said Bishop Mambo. ‘’Chikondi Foundation Trust supports the national dialogue and reconciliation spearheaded by the three Church mother bodies. Chikondi Foundation Trust strongly believes that there can be no meaningful national dialogue and reconciliation process outside the stewardship of the Church.”