Disband ECZ board, demands NDC

By Staff Reporter


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has demanded an immediate clean up at the Examinations Council of Zambia.

Party vice president Josephs Akafumba said it was clear that the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) had been infiltrated and compromised.

He said the Council’s ability, capacity and mandate to conduct and administer examinations in the country remained doubtful.

Akafumba said his party was calling for urgent institutional reforms at the ECZ as they feared  that the country’s academic credentials would not be accepted by relevant international bodies owing to the dented reputation of the institution.

“As a party, we urge government to consider disbanding the board at the ECZ. The board has clearly failed to live up and execute its mandate,’’ he charged in a statement issued Friday. ‘’Further, we urge the Zambia police service and relevant security agencies to speed up the probe into the leaked grade nine mathematics examination paper. We demand that all those behind the leaked exam paper should forthwith be dismissed and prosecuted.”

Akafumba stated that the security situation at the ECZ was so compromised that it would be correct to assume that the leaked paper was done by inside staff.

“The NDC is further concerned that the leaked maths paper was circulated on social media. We urge the Zambia Information and Communications Authority to assist law enforcement agencies trace how this paper was made public,’’ stated Akafumba. ‘’It is unfortunate that disgruntled persons are now abusing social media to leak exam papers. As a party, we want to know how the said maths paper leaked from the ECZ despite stringent security measures put in place to curb malpractices. Whilst the poor salaries by civil servants in general and the harsh economic conditions civil servants are going through caused by the PF government cannot justify the leakage of examination papers by the officers responsible, it may still be a contributing factor to this criminality. It should be more annoying to the civil servants where constitutional office holders including the President increase their salaries while the rank and file of the civil servants are left to shoulder the effect of poor economic management and plunder by the leadership.’’