Criminalise child marriages, demands NGO

By Staff Reporter


Media Network on Child Rights  and  Development executive director  Henry Kabwe has urged the government to put structures  at district level that can help curb teenage  pregnancies.

Recently, it was revealed that only four out of  28 girls at Chitoshi Day Secondary School in Lunte district would sit for   grade 12 examinations  this year  due to pregnancies.

Kabwe explained that the country was losing  out a population of school going children who were supposed to be educated for them to contribute to national development.

‘’The escaleting  leveles of child marriages and teenage pregnancies is something that  should be taken seriously by the government. It is important for the government to  come up with programmes to ensure that  there is drastic reduction of teenage pregnancies and child marriages in Zambia,’’ said  Kabwe.

And Musokotwane Commpassion Mission Zambia  expressed sadness at trhe report.

Executive director Genious  Musokotwane said  the  revalation must  be a wake up call for all traditional leaders and non governmental organisations to intensify the need  to criminalise child marriages.

‘’Current laws, policies  and investment status  on child  marriage  in Zambia cannot quarantee the realisation of a zero child marriage status  by 2030 as the ages  of 16 and 18 years  cannot be smoothly prosecuted and perpertraitors sentenced, while most of those  succefully retrieved are likely  to end up relapsing due  to lack of education and basic needs  sponsorship for them to stay in school and  complet their education,’’ said Musokotwane.