SP condemns extreme right-wing fascism in Brazil

By Staff Reporter


The Socialist Party in Zambia has expressed concern and condemned the growing extreme right-wing fascism in Brazil’s second round presidential elections slated for October 28.


In a statement issued this morning, Wednesday by the Socialist Party General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali on behalf of the Politburo, recent comments made by right wing candidate, Jair Bolsonaro against the Workers’ Party rank and file do not only border on class genocide against the working and peasant classes but could also be used as an excuse by violent extreme right-wing fanatics to stage attacks on the working class.


He said the attacks could also target progressive peasant organisations and minority groups that are increasingly making their voices heard in opposing the right-wing conservative presidential candidate’s sordid campaign strategy.


“The Socialist Party in Zambia is keenly and with progressive lenses following the manner in which the process towards the 28th October second round presidential poll in Brazil is building up,” Dr Musumali said. “It is with deep concern for the suffering and economically-disadvantaged working masses across Brazil, that we express our unwavering solidarity with the Brazilian working class majority fighting to free itself from capitalist strangulation”.


He said the revolutionary party in Zambia noted some desperate attempts by Bolsonaro, to try and discredit the revolutionary credentials of Lula Inacio Lula da Silva, currently jailed on fake corruption charges, by labelling the entire Workers’ Party (PT), which is fielding Fernando Haddad as its presidential candidate, as criminals who deserve to be “cleansed” from the face of Brazilian society.


“If this does not amount to genocide against the left-inclined working masses of Brazil, then we do not know any other way to define it,” he stated. “The Socialist Party in Zambia is very much aware, in view of Bolsonaro’s unfortunate utterances, that even the jailing of Comrade Lula is a desperate attempt by the neoliberal-inclined government of Michel Temer to curtail the march of the working class and progressive peasants towards the people’s mass-led and consensus-driven socialist revolution”.


Dr Musumali expressed scepticism this will amount to anything as the Brazilian working class and progressive peasants, under the leadership of the Workers’ Party with Lula at the helm, already had a glimpse into how a state led by the working and toiling people looked like.


“In the name of international working class solidarity, we stand roughshod with the Brazilian working masses amidst this blatant class-inspired attack on their revolutionary conscience and conscious, because we know they will get none from the United Nations (U.N) or any human rights organisation in the world for the sole reason that Bolsonaro’s attack on Brazil’s Left sits in very well with the dominant global capitalist hegemonic narrative,” he stated.


Dr Musumali said this solidarity was about cementing the global Left’s pursuit for the respect and recognition of the working masses’ collective rights worldwide.