GBV cases still present in WP, says CSPR

Western Province CSPR regional coordinator Mubiana  Kakenenwa says gender based violence cases are  still being recorded in the province  despite introducing a number of  progragrammes to sesitise and train people in communities.

In an nterview today, Kakenenwa attributed  the continued cases to the high cost of living.

‘The recent increase in fuel and  other social amenities prices is leading to people to fail to cope, as a result  some of the GBV cases are recorded in homes, whereas men start abusing their spouses due to the  high cost pof living,’’ the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction leader said.

Kakenenwa further urged citizens to  put a human face to whatever works they were doing .

‘’Recently we saw citizens that used  to dedicate their time to doing communual works and helping the needy.’’ Said Kakenenwa.

Western Province recorded 15 GBV cases  in the first quarter of last year.