Hats off to Gawa Undi

By Staff Reporter


Chief Lukwe of the Chewa people in Malawi has commended paramount chief Kalonga Gawa Undi for fighting early marriages in his territory.

Gawa Undi is leader of the Chewa people in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique.

In an interview with newsdayzambia.com, chief Lukwe said the measures put in place by Gawa Undi in all Chewa territories would help girls acquire education.

He said the measures had further seen a reduction in the number of early marriage cases in the three countries.

“After having a directive from the paramount chief we sit as Chewa chiefs from Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique and put up by-laws in order to manage the fight against early marriages in our chiefdoms. These are our laws and not government laws. Once a parent is caught it’s a punishable offence and it has really helped us as chiefs,” said chief Lukwe.

“Let’s support the fight against early marriages in all the three countries. If we have our girl children who are in marriages at a tender age in our areas let’s make sure we end those marriages with immediate effect and send our girls to school.”