Lungu abruptly departs National Day of Prayer in Kabwe without saying a word

By Staff Reporter in Kabwe

Scores of people who were eagerly waiting to be addressed by President
Edgar Lungu at the Railways Stadium in Kabwe during the National Day of Prayers have been left disappointed as he abruptly left the event.
And several people were bussed from various townships in Kabwe to the grounds as the event was scantly attended.

According to the programme President Lungu was due to speak between 16:00 and 17:00 there after return to Lusaka.

This is the first time President Lungu has attended the National Day
of Prayer and Fasting outside Lusaka since he declared 18th October as
such in 2015 soon after his election to the Presidency.

This perhaps has been the most controversially held prayer event due
to the many irreconcilable issues affecting the nation which should have been resolved through the much talked about dialogue.

The hundreds of congregants have been left shocked after being bussed
from all over Central Province not only to attend but most importantly
hear their President speak to this year’s theme “Facing the future as
a Reconciled, United and Prosperous Nation under God’s Guidance.”

The Presidents’ departure was two hours ahead of schedule causing
speculation as to whether he failed to make an address because he was convicted by the Holy Spirit through the prayers by the clergy from different religious groups.

“I was expecting to hear what the President had to say to the nation
about the theme. I came on a bus from Serenje to hear what my President would say but now he’s left. I think it would be better to address the nation. Anyway, maybe the Holy Spirit convicted him not to
say something at the time, it’s better that way,” a disappointed congregant expressed himself.

The media had reported on Wednesday that “at the National level,
President Lungu will officiate at this year’s commemoration in Kabwe
at the Railways Stadium from 09:00 hours to 18:00 hours.”

This is probably the first time that a Head of State in Zambia has
officiated at a national event and abruptly leaves without speaking to
the nation or audiences .

Other activities have continued in the absence of the President,
Provincial Minister and other senior government officials including
Members of Parliament drawn from all constituencies in the province as
they have gone to see off President Lungu.

However, the event has been the most euphoric and eruptions of
sing-alongs and free for all dances characterized this year’s
commemoration in Kabwe at the Railways Stadium.


Choir groups from different churches including the Defense and Security choir, Kings Malembe Malembe entertained and punctuated the prayer sessions.

While the President was in Kabwe; Vice President, Inonge Wina led
prayers which were held at the construction site for the House of
Prayer in Lusaka.