PEP regrets increased fraud cases in govt

By Staff Reporter


The Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), has regretted what it termed the ever increasing incidents of fraud involving civil servants in various government ministries and departments.

Party president Sean Tembo observed that the  public financial management system was extremely weak and porous.

He said as a result the system had become a lucrative channel for fraud by civil servants and outsiders.

“As Patriots for Economic Progress, we are fully cognisant of the fact that our Government in its current shape and form is incapable of finding a lasting solution to this scourge of theft of public funds through fraud. This situation is further made worse by the lack of capacity of our law enforcement agencies to competently investigate and diligently prosecute complicated cases involving fraud in Government Ministries and Departments,’’ said Tembo. ‘’However, neither can we resign ourselves to our fate that public funds shall always be wantonly stolen by those who work in Government and their colleagues. We strongly believe that one of the most important attributes of a public financial management system, which the current IFMIS fails to meet, is that it has to be enterprise-wide and cover all aspects of the central and Local Government structures with a centralised electronic payment system. You cannot have thousands of officers in Government being signatories to thousands of bank accounts scattered across numerous commercial banks, and expect to control fraud.”