Shun national day of prayers-NDC

By Staff Reporter


Opposition National Democratic Congress has vowed not to take part in the National Day of Prayer  and Fasting slated for this Thursday.

In 2015, President Edgar Lungu set October 18 as a national day of prayer and fasting, and declared it a public holiday.

When the day was observed the same year, there was huge attendance.

However, the number reduced drastically last year, with most people expressing dissatisfaction with Lungu’s dictatorship and mismanagement of public resources.

In a statement, NDC vice president Joseph Akafumba urged its members countrywide to shun the event.

Akafumba said there was so much tyranny, bitterness, resentment and acrimony in the country  perpetuated by ruling party members.

“The problems that this country is facing have been caused by the Patriotic Front and President Lungu. It is self-inflicted pain, like a toothache it’s solution is removal and not panado arrangement,’’ he stated. ‘’Attempts to use politically induced prayers to unite the nation cannot work and is the worse form of hypocrisy.It is blasphemous to claim that the current leadership has dedicated this county to God in order for God to hear our prayers.

Akafumba said government actions were totally at variance with Christian teachings.

“As a party, we are at pains in attending the national day of prayer because corruption, vengeance and animosity is still high in the country. There is injustice in this nation, which injustice has been caused and entrenched by this wreckless Patriotic Front regime,’’ stated Akafumba. ‘’This regime has continued arresting opposition political leaders with impunity on flimsy grounds. Opposition political parties cannot hold public meetings due to the selective application of the Public Order Act. The country is completely divided and polarised owing to the injustice being perpetrated by the governing party. The current regime is thus not sincere when they talk about reconciliation and forgiveness. In order to forgive and reconcile, the patriotic regime must admit the wrongs that they have committed against the Zambian people. To therefore try and use the bible to mislead Zambians into thinking that this regime is sincere in uniting its people is nothing but a farce.”