SA Zambian Mission turned into PF secretariat -Mwashingwele

By Staff Reporter


Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has charged that Emmanuel Mwamba is abusing diplomatic protocols by turning the Zambian Mission in South Africa into a secretariat of what he termed PF thugs.

In a statement to the media Tuesday, party deputy chairperson for information and publicity Patricia Mwashigwele said she had listened to an audio of Mwamba hosting PF cadres at the Mission in Pretoria.

Mwashigwele said it was more of an address of a mob boss to a gang of mafias, thugs and assassins in a backyard room of a casino.

“Who would believe this was a Zambian diplomatic facility under the guardianship of the Geneva conventions that spell out how diplomats ought to behave in foreign embassies? She asked. ‘’This was clearly an abuse of diplomatic protocols and it confirms that Emmanuel Mwamba is a rogue diplomat from a Banana Republic.”

She charged that from the audio message and after carefully analysing how Mwamba was more audible than his audience, it was clear that he was the one recording for purposes of deliberately leaking the audios so as to show relevance to Edgar Lungu for a more rewarding political job back at home.

“We Keep insisting that Emmanuel Mwamba has turned the Zambian Mission in South Africa into a PF party secretariat, as opposed to a neutral government office where all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, would be welcome to seek consular support. But it is unfortunately not so,’’ said Mwashingwele. ‘’If one of our senior leaders and members were to be involved in some unfortunate situation such as an accident in South Africa, and Emmanuel Mwamba happened to be on the scene with a poisonous lethal injection, we have no doubt he would administer it to kill them. The man is proving to be very dangerous and as a matter of fact his history says it all. How shameful can Emmanuel Mwamba be the one planning such evils against his fellow countrymen and women in a country of freedom icons such as late Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Oliver Tambo and others who sacrificed their entire lives fighting for justice, freedoms and liberties for their citizens?

She said as UPND they would treat the Zambian Mission in Pretoria as a mere branch of PF thugs.