Unity over peace and security in AU excites Chama

By Staff Reporter


Unity over peace and security among African states has delighted defence minister Davies Chama.

Chama said the many interventions designed and enforced by

various specialized organs within the African Union would assist in the restoration and maintenance of peace and order on the continent.

’’The coming together of the African Union member states to deliberate and plan for the common good of the continent regarding peace and security is encouraging. Member states are speaking with one voice in order to address peace and security on the continent. This is an indication that Africa is working towards solving Africa’s problems with African solutions’’, said Chama

“Am happy Zambia has made progress towards various African Union Peace and Security flagship programmes such as the operationalization of the Africa Stand by Force and the coming into effect of the continental Logistics base,” he said

Chama added that operationalization of the Africa Stand by force will ensure swift deployment of troops as and when a situation arose in any African State.

And Chama has commended the Zambian troops to the peace missions for exemplary behavior.

He said Zambia had no record of any of its troops being implicated in sexual exploitation or physical abuse while serving in missions abroad.

The Specialized Technical Committee on Defence and Security made a  draft policy on conduct and discipline for Peace Support Operations and the draft policy on Prevention and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, which the African Union Commission is expected to circulate to member countries.

Chama further said he was happy that Africa had also made a resolution to eliminate conflict.