Revolution beckoning, warns Unza student

By Staff reporter

Revolutions are caused by students and youths world over” says University of Zambia Students Union aspiring candidate Derick Katongo.

Speaking to during a solidarity and revolutionary march in honour of their late colleague Vespers Shimuzhila, Katongo said University of Zambia students always advocated.

“All along we have been reaching out to government to say we are hungry; we can’t study or attend lectures but they don’t want to hear us. We need to sign an agreement on when exactly the meal allowance will be issued so that they can be held accountable each time they abrogate it,” he said.

He said students had been very understanding but government seemed to have taken them for granted by not re-introducing the union for easy dialogue.

Students today took over Great East Road, bringing traffic to a standstill as they marched and sang songs of solidarity and revolution on their way to and from the university campus.

Government banned union activities at the University of Zambia two years ago, claiming they were politically affiliated.

However, a new crop of leaders is slowly emerging and threatening to revolt if this is not addressed.