Dora, senior Govt officials booed at Vespers funeral

By Staff Reporter

Some senior government officials were on Monday morning booed at the church service of the late 4th year University of Zambia student, Vespers Shimuzhila’s funeral service.

Chief government spokesperson and information minister Dora Siliya who led other government officials was booed by angry UNZA students during the body viewing of late Vespers.

After Siliya finished body viewing the students followed her and continued to boo her with the team of government officials outside the SDA church.

The students used abusive language against Siliya as they were charging towards her.  UNZA security intervened and parried away the advancing students.

As the students continued to boo the information minister and government officials, they prematurely ended their attendance at the funeral and walked out of the church premises without talking to anyone.

After the church service, students begun to march back to the university but stopped at the arcades round about where they almost destroyed a billboard with President Edger Lungu’s portriat.

The student started chanting songs and slogans such as tiyikosesa (we are making it hard) while gesturing at the billboard of President Lungu.

“Shame, shame, shame to you Edgar, you have failed us and you have failed the nation, you are a failure, shame on you Edgar, you should resign and let people with good heart for the country continue ruling us, shame!!!!!’ students shouted.

Meanwhile, the angry students stoned a Zambia Army vehicle that was parked near the roundabout forcing the driver to drive away.

The students cordoned Katimamulilo and Great East roads for hours to pave way for church proceedings and the students who were walking back to campus.

A tour bus of Chinese nationals was also caught up in the confusion. The Chinese national begun taking pictures of the procession whilst the students were screaming and shouting at them for causing confusion in the nation.

“We don’t want you hear, you have caused a lot of confusion in our nation. Today we are taking over proceedings because our friend is no more. She has died out of negligence,” one student shouted.

And a check by found Manda Hill Shopping Mall police post closed and deserted with no one manning the station following the invasion by the marching students.

“We say no to police brutality and the blood of Vespers will haunt you everywhere. You will pay for this loss of life and those injured in hospital,” another student shouted.

Vespers died on Friday from suffocation after police threw teargas canisters in her hostel at the University of Zambia. The students were protesting over unpaid meal allowances by the university management.