MMD youths demand Luo’s dismissal

By Staff Reporter


MMD youths in Lusaka have expressed concern with the suffering and problems many students face, both those on government sponsorship and on self-sponsorship.

In a statement to on Friday, Prince Ndoyi said he was deeply anguished by the death of a  fourth year female student, Vespers Shimuzhila in the school of education.

“We have as a nation been debating this bursary issue for years and governments have ferociously failed to manage this facility to acceptable standards. Two things are pertinent in problem identification that has caused all these events leading up to the death of a daughter of our soil. The two are delayed bursary and the police,” Ndoyi said.

“Today madam Luo has banned all union activities at all the three main public universities, a move she claimed will stop riots. She has yet been proven wrong by this decision. We condemned her and advised her that unions are channels of communication and management of students’ grievance. How then does government engage students? It is no wonder the government continues to deny itself the privilege to know the many boiling issues at all high learning institutions due to its undemocratic banning of students unions.”