Enjoy now, see you in 2021 – motorists warn PF

By Staff Reporter


SOME Lusaka motorists have warned Patriotic Front government to enjoy themselves whilst they can as 2021 elections draw nearer.

The enraged motorists have demanded a reversal of the upward price adjustments of petroleum products announced by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) on Tuesday.

Motorists told newsdayzambia.com on Thursday that it was ironical that the PF government was pushing its lucky too far by squeezing the majority of the Zambians already experiencing economic hardships.

Samson Chanda, a taxi driver complained that the increase in fuel prices would have ripple effects on all commodities and further stress the people.

“It is disappointing that this PF government has continued punishing us, what wrong did we do to this government? Was it wrong for us to vote for them? It is disappointing that when we are complaining that is the time they are adding more hardships for us,” said chanda

He said increasing fuel by more than 2 kwacha was more than a punishment to a poor Zambian.

“Please stop punishing us, we are also human, and you should know that we have to enjoy the independence we got from the whites and now the PF government is slowly taking us back to where we came from,” he said

Meanwhile, some bus drivers within Lusaka have charged that bus fares will go up by 2 to 3 kwacha on most routes within and outside Lusaka.

In an interview, Joseph Hikaumba warned of electoral consequences against the ruling party.

“We are hit hard as bus driver as we are still charging the old fares and yet fuel has been increased, our bosses will not understand the shortages we may have, we are failing to balance due to the increase of fuel,” said Hikaumba.  “We are tired of their lies, they don’t feel the pressure we are feeling, they just enjoy life and keep on lying to us, we will see what to do in 2021, let them enjoy now”.