World Bank to fund more projects in Zambia

By Staff Reporter

The World Bank has pledged to increase project funding to programmes in Zambia.

Country Director Paul Noumba Um said this when he met Vice President Inonge Wina at Ivan Hotel in Lesotho.

Noumba Um said the World Bank was the largest multilateral funder to projects in health, agriculture, education and community development in Zambia and supported annual projects to the tune of $1.2billion.

“I’m happy with the Girls Education and Women’s Empowerment and livelihood project (GEWEL) in Zambia. IDA is part of the World Bank and provides loans and grants for programmess that boost economic growth, reduce inequalities and improve people’s living conditions. There will be a high-level visit by World Bank official in mid-October 2018,” said Noumba Um.

And Wina said Zambia was determined to eradicate child stunting and malnutrition in Zambia.

“I am appealing to the World Bank to help resolve delays in the up-take of funded projects in Zambia. We are concerned that funds were available for projects for communities but were delayed because of procurement or bureaucratic issues,” said Wina.