Lungu is a dark spot to Zambia – Changala

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is a dark spot to Zambia, governance activist Brebner Changala has charged.

Reacting to the Patriotic Front government’s deportation of internationally acclaimed author Professor Patrick Lumumba, a pan Africanist, at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka on Saturday, Changala said the action was an embarrassment to the country.

“This is an embarrassment to divergent philosophies of human nature because we live in a diverse world where competition for ideas is the hallmark of development and to shut up Professor Lumumba in Zambia is a dark day. I must say President Lungu, you are a shame, a dark spot to this country and the continent as a whole,” Changala charged.

Prof Lumumba was supposed to be a guest speaker at a scheduled public lecture in Lusaka to discuss “Africa in the age of China influence and global geo-dynamics” at the invitation of Eden University.

Changala, in an interview, observed that denying certain people entry into Zambia by the government was getting out of hand.

“The PF as a government is committing a lot of atrocities in our name as the people of Zambia. They are doing things in our name that we do not approve of in order to safeguard their personal interest. I know when a regime has lost legitimacy, it tends to behave in a very cantankerous way,” Changala said.

He noted that a day would come when Professor Lumumba would be graciously and honourably received by the people of Zambia when “these elected tyrants, criminals have been kicked out of power.”

“They will be kicked out of power for they have committed a lot of aggressive atrocities against citizens and later on those in SADC, those in COMESA and the general region in sub-Sahara. This is a regime that doesn’t mean well, it’s an embarrassment to humanity and an embarrassment to the spirit of co-existence”.

Changala added that Professor Lumumba was an African intellectual who inspired both the young and old.

“All of us were ready to listen to him and get motivated and inspired, only to be challenged and hit below the belt by the very government which says it’s trying to save our interest in the name of security,” he regretted.

“That’s an abomination to treat citizens in the way they are treating us! We are not children and we know what is good for this country. Some of us have been around longer than those who are taking people for granted, abusing our name, abusing the mandate to commit atrocities against this country.”

And Changala described PF government as a failed project.

“I render an unreserved apology to Professor Lumumba and the people of Kenya. This regime that refused entry to Professor Lumumba is doing these things in our name but they have lost legitimacy. He must accept our apology, knowing very well that in Africa when a regime loses legitimacy it becomes brutal. What happened to Professor Lumumba, what happened to [Mmusi] Maimane, what happened to Tendai Biti is against ubuntu,” said Changala.

“But all these people must accept that Brebner Changala has apologised on behalf of all decent citizens of the Republic of Zambia. It’s not that what happened was done with full approval of the people of Zambia. This is a regime that is scared of its own shadow. Professor Lumumba came to Zambia not with any gun but he came only with his mouth and brain. Whatever he wanted to tell us, he can still do it through social media and we will get it.”